Teach your Children to be Healthy by Example

June 19, 2016 Dr. V. Spencer

Happy Fathers Day to all of the Dad's. Teach your little ones to be healthy by example. Show them the inner strength of a man by demonstrating how to remain calm and relax naturally. 

Statistics show that men have more high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney dis-ease than women. Women out live men more that 70% of the time. All of this can stem from stress and unhealthy eating.

Be an example to your children and families on Father’s Day and the rest of the year. The truth is, we need you around and want you to live a long healthy life. Genuine men are an important part of holistic well-being for women and families.  

Take some time to relax and meditate. Once you calm your mind, the quite time will be your friend. For help in quieting your over active brain, try a guided meditation like Oceanside Meditation. It will lead you through breathing exercises that will release your tension and anxieties.

Dad – you deserve a break today. #FathersDay - Teach your Children to be Healthy by Example

Dr. V Spencer, PhD is a celebrity healer and blogger encouraging A Natural Solution to a holistic lifestyle.

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