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Widely believed to be the leading all natural remedy for Boosting the Immune System. Bioenergetics move quickly past the blood brain barrier to enter the system bypassing the digestive system. This remedy may be indicated in your self-help healthcare program for imbalances similar too...

  • Anti-Oxidant, Anti-infection, and Anti-bacterial
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces cold, dis-ease, so-called bugs and respiratory imbalances
  • Reduces mucus, phlegm and runny nose

In holistic medicine, the Spleen  is the Master of Immunity. This remedy can stimulate the bodies systems to provide the right environment to facilitate improved health or healing. Building up the immune system and prevention using barrier, avoidance and preparation are the keys to staying healthy through this pandemic.

This is for people who are concerned with getting ill or sick, but do not want to be afraid to protect themselves and their families naturally.  Healthy bodies do not succumb to foreign pathogens that attach like virus or bacteria. Keep your life holistic.

Contains a propriety blend of bio-energetic self-help remedies that may improve immunity as traditionally known in the natural community.  Includes an energetic vibration of Echinacea purpurea, Golden Seal, Vitamin C, and Zinc. Contains purified water and food grade vegetable glycerin, frequency and other natural ingredients.

Wrapped in foil to prevent exposure to harmful radiation and EMF, this remedy goes beyond the normal herbal to a deeper energetic shift. 

Size - .2 ml, 100 Drops

Small - .1 ml, 75 Drops

Instructions- Gently screw off cap, keeping the foil in place. Place one drop under your tongue every three hours for three days. Squeeze and release the bottle. Then take one drop in the morning and one drop in the evening for two weeks. Also, take one drop before and after exposed to large crowds or persons who appear to be ill. If there is any reaction to the remedy, please discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor.

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NOTE: Please consult your doctor before beginning any herbal, homeopathic or supplement. These statements have not yet been verified by the FDA. For Private Self-Help Healthcare Club members only. Purchase implies informed consent. Must be 18+ to buy.

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Dr. V. Spencer, Ph.D., Hom., DCM 

Your profile pictureFor twenty-five years,  Valena Spencer, “Dr. V”, has been coaching and counseling women and their families, who are often overwhelmed, to deal with and reverse chronic illnesses through correct nutrition, correct diet and correct exercise. She has achieved her Ph.D. in Homeopathy, and is a Doctor of Complimentary Medicine. Dr. V, over the span of her career, has shown hundreds of clients how to overcome the stress that negatively affects their health, and how to avoid surgery, drugs and their harsh side effects.

As a Master Naturopath & Holistic Physician, she teaches natural balancing techniques, personal guidance and emotional relief. She guides our clients to improve their personal health by making critical lifestyle changes, gearing them towards learning how to be natural. Dr. V studied Homeopathic Medicine with Drs. Ken & Kumari Wright, Meditation, Yoga & Qi (Chi) Gong, under 3 Masters. She has even traveled to the Far East in her research and mastery to help our clients overcome chronic physical and emotional suffering. Her list of celebrity clients includes: Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Jessie Norman & India Arie. Dr. V lives and breathes by the philosophy, “Once you balance the body, it will heal itself.”

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Are you carrying stress and tension?
We believe that the first step to a healthier lifestyle is to learn how to relax.

Here you will find all things natural for Relaxation and Wellness. Look here for tips, tools and tidbits to integrate holistic healing and homeopathy into your life or to improve your health and your relationships. We are helping women, professionals, families and individuals reduce stress, release emotion, relieve pain and increase energy. Inspiring Global Wellness.


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A Natural Solution, is a Center for Self-Help Healthcare founded to make natural healing techniques available in the Atlanta, GA, USA area since 1996. Dr. V. Spencer, PhD Hom., DCM is at the service of the people and makes herself available to speak at colleges and universities, corporations, clinics, events and retreats worldwide to ensure Homeopathy, Holistic Medicine, Acu-pressure Balancing, Qigong, and 35 other healing techniques are accessible.  Dr. Spencer has been interviewed in connection with her homeopathic and natural medicine expertise on the radio and television by productions such as Public Broadcasting Atlanta, PBA 30. Most recently she spoke at the Atlanta Medical Center, where she reached out to approximately 200 of her supporters. Her contributions have been found in an online lifestyle column, local Atlanta magazines, and the Emory University Newsletter.

Dr. V. Spencer offers her experience and health background to help others, alleviate mental and emotional suffering, relieve pain and improve sleep. She proclaims, "Energy flowing from the body and spirit can positively affect the way we are received by those around us. Bringing emotions into balance will improve your overall health. Learning natural techniques to reach New Year goals will improve health, release stress, refresh energy and renew your spirit."  Since stressful days and sleepless nights rules many lives, she encourages living a more joyful and fulfilling life with the release of the new Oceanside Meditation Audio for relaxation.

We are helping professionals, families and individuals reduce stress, release emotion, relieve pain and increase energy. The mission is to be a place where you will find all natural things for Relaxation and Wellness- no drugs, no alcohol, and no surgery. Integrate holistic healing and homeopathy into your life to improve your health and your relationships.

There is A Natural Solution for you to reverse all of your Imbalances!

Welcome to our new e-commerce store and an online business. This is something we have been working towards, with our partners. We are more successful than ever. The Oceanside Meditation CD is the first product that is ready to go in digital format. A book is in the process of being written, which will be used in classes and speeches also to promote the audio. As clients were giving opinions on the first draft of the book, they liked the advice given to meditate. Many pointed out that most people do not know how to meditate or relax. So, Dr. V pulled out a recording of her favorite ocean waves, went into the studio, and recorded the first Audio. 

Join our project to expand your business into digital goods, eCommerce business and online marketing to make this the best place to find a natural solution on the web.

We are available with products, information, classes, seminars and speaking engagements. Our fantastic mentors have helped to package, present and promote relaxation and wellness, all while expanding our reach via the internet. Relax your way back to healthy!

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