The Oceanside Meditation Audio really helps me sleep. It is so peaceful and when I put it on, it relaxes me. I have not slept like this in years.                     Maria C. - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Oh my Gosh!...I love it! I am so relaxed and I really feel my Zen.
                                                 Shannon D. - Atlanta, GA

The Guided Mediation download CD put me in a state of relaxation that I have not had from any other sounds in my life. It was very relaxing and very powerful. It's a great CD.                                                              Terrell K. - Detroit, MI, USA

I love listening to the soothing voice and the ocean. It is very inviting to be steeped into the meditative, relaxing, stress free state.

                                                              Dan W. - Cleveland, OH


As I listen to the CD it becomes clearer and clearer. Different things pop out at you. When I was moving fast and doing a lot, I didn't see a need for it. When I was thrown under and the CD was was what I needed to hear.  Thank you to the Universe.  
                                                                  Jessica M. - Fayetteville, GA
You are right about the falling asleep and relaxing. It was wonderful and is well produced. It's AWESOME!
                                           William J.- Birmingham, AL
It was very exciting that on my first time ever meditating, I was able to follow the guide. I was able to go to a real place of relaxation, away from a world of troubles to carefree bliss! I would recommend this Oceanside Meditation to anyone.
                              Fred A. - Washington D.C.



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