Meditation Tips

7 Ways Meditation brings Peace

Meditation and relaxation can seem like daunting tasks to add to a long ‘To Do’ list in our hurried society. In order to help you begin to make the process as easy as possible, we have listed below some tips to put your mind at ease. Try these tips and add your own below.

  1. Find comfort for your Body and Mind

Find a safe, quite place to relax, where you can be undisturbed for 15 to 30 minutes. Try in the tub, on the deck, in an empty room or even in a car. Use a pair of headphones. Do not worry if you lose conscious thought of what is going on around you or fall asleep. Sometimes you can’t resist the relaxation. Your mind and spirit are still listening and absorbing the words from your guide as it takes a retreat to the most beautiful place you can imagine.

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  1. Improve Sleep

Try playing the meditation when you are comfortable in bed for the night. Put on headphones if you like. Play one or all of the tracks. Feel what a good night sleep feels like. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a joyful day.

  1. Family Relaxation Time

Have a meditation time for the entire family or play the CD for the kids when you out them to bed. With repeated listening your children will ask for the “night time music” every night. You will also notice more cooperative, peaceful and enjoyable days with your loved ones.

  1. Release Floating Thoughts

With   guided meditation, such as Oceanside Meditation, only focus on your breath and following the voice. When thoughts come into your mind, simply observe them and let them pass. Remember that meditation serves to help clear your mind. Think of your old thought as floating through or clearing. The space for new, positive thoughts will emerge along with more peace and calm.

  1. Drown out the Chatter

For those who need to drown out the noise of the day, use track 2 - Oceanside Waves. This Meditation will help you find the calm in the midst of the storm. While you are in transit or waiting for your next appointment, play this as white noise to drift away with a smile.

  1. Retreat from a Rough Day

Use the specially designed 15 Minute Meditation on your work break, at your desk or in your parked car. On any particularly stressful day, taking this time for your self will relax your mind and body. I gives you the ability to continue your day with confidence and strength.

  1. Infuse Positive Thoughts

As you release more negativity, there will be empty space for positive thoughts that can re-train the mind. Listen to the victorious words of wisdom. These positive thoughts are infused with healthful loving words that you can repeat out loud or just mentally. Choose one or two of these thoughts to repeat to your self though out the day to bring focus and clarity to your mind and your personal health or social goals.

Soon you will be able to quickly be on your favorite beach or imagine a fabulous location for ultimate relaxation. You will use this as A Natural Solution to reduce stress, release emotion, improve your health and enhance your relationships.

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