You ARE Free to Make Natural Health your Choice

July 10, 2016 Dr. V. Spencer

What does freedom mean to you? Why do you not feel free?

I had a client say to me, “I just want to be free.”

I said to her, “You are free! Why do you feel like you are not free?” 

Free to make Natural Health your Choice

Seems to me that so many people are looking to conform and to not be judged by those that are around them for the things that they like or the things that they want to do with their life….for being different…for even going, what seems to be, against the main stream of medicine and choosing to heal themselves naturally. So many people don’t know what a holistic doctor is or what that means to be natural because most people have been taught to take a drug or have a surgery when there is a problem in the body or in their life.

There is an alternative way that has been in existence for thousands of years. The western medical system has only been in existence for two hundred or so years and the technology changes all the time. But the empirical knowledge of natural healing is something that will last and last. It can include homeopathics, herbs, magneto therapy, and techniques like acu-pressure massage, qigong energy healing and balancing via acu-points. All of these are considered natural methods, plus more.

You are free to choose and free to be you. That’s what this country was built upon. You can make the choices that you feel are good for you and completely within the bounds of the legal system. Make choices that are a joy to your life and give you the freedom to be who you are and live what you feel.

So if you don’t feel free this holiday, make sure you find a way to feel free because you are FREE! Find a natural way to enjoy your freedom.

Happy Independence Day! Have a great July!

 Fireworks of Freedom

Dr. V Spencer, PhD is a celebrity healer and blogger encouraging A Natural Solution to a holistic lifestyle.




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