Achy Knee was a Kidney Imbalance?!

July 27, 2016 Dr. V. Spencer

My Achy Knees was a Kidney Imbalance
I was introduced to Dr. Spencer through a friend that was receiving healing. The moment I met her I knew I needed her in my life. I originally started seeing her for my knees. I had ACL and meniscus repair done on my right knee and as a result my left knee started to give me issues. I never thought that an issue with my knee could have been related to an imbalance of my kidneys.
Dr. Spencer was able to explain to me that there were other things going on in my body (organs) that was not only affecting my knees, but also, skin, my emotions, my hair, my knees, etc. She has been doing healing for 20 years now and she is absolutely awesome! 
Before my sessions with her I believed that she could help my knees, and she did, along with helping me understand and balance my emotions. I thank the universe for having the opportunity to be in the same space as her.  
Thank you so much Dr. Spencer!
 Much Love,

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