How to get Better Sleep

October 17, 2016 Dr. V. Spencer

"I will never be old..."

Meet Ed Newman. He has been around for 79 years and has been working for 60 years. He gets 8 or sometimes 9 hours of sleep every day and goes to bed with the sun. He says, “I will never be an old man because I am a Newman!” What a model for a long, healthy happy positive life.

Getting a good night’s sleep is the best way to keep your heart and other organs functioning at the optimum capacity. How often do you say that 3 or 4 ours is enough for you? Or are you the one who cannot sleep past 5 hours? What if that is doing damage to your body? Would you try to change? Could the speed in which you live be burning out your adrenal glands? Stimulants and energy drinks do give you a boast, but over an extended period of time can create and insulin shock to your system. This can over tax the pancreas and cause your medical test to show an abnormal rise in glucose.

You are keeping your partner awake by staying up late. You are irritable and may want to pop a pain-killer or eat unhealthy food.

Remedy all of that by taking yourself to bed. Your body and mind need rest. Here is the first tip on how to make that happen.

SLEEP TIP #1 - The most restful sleep in complete darkness with your head to the north.

Lining your body up with the poles of the earth will allow the electrical signals in your body to have a natural flow with our gravitational pull. Dr. Professor Ken Wright said, “Have you watched a dog look for a place to lay down? He will go in circles until he finds the most restful spot which will always be with its head to the north (if he is in balance).

Put up a dark sheet or piece of material behind your blinds or curtains. This will block out the sun or moonlight, car headlights and street lights. In a store, you can purchase very nice, noise and temperature blocking curtains which hang very easily. Clip curtains together to keep even a sliver of light from coming in. If you are in a hotel, place a towel over the crack under the door.

Your eyes and therefore your brain, can sense any light in the room and may keep you suspended between awake and a deep sleep state when it is not totally dark. So, make your room as dark as possible.

With this one tip you will soon notice a difference. Sleep will help you stay young and vibrant and healthy. Then, you too can wake up feeling like a ‘new man’!

Learn more tips to sleep – next blog.

Dr. V Spencer, PhD is a celebrity healer and blogger encouraging A Natural Solution to a holistic lifestyle.


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