Take a Nap Tuesday!

February 29, 2016 Dr. V. Spencer

It’s an innovative way to improve your health.

Starting March 1st, join us for #takeanaptuesday! Look for ways to rest your mind, body and spirit just one day a week for a month. If you missed it, join in next week. 

As a self-help healthcare club, we want to encourage healthy ways to tackle the stress and uncertainty of life. Finding a way to relax without the use of alcohol, drugs or medication is key to a healthy lifestyle.

 Starting March 1. Join in the stillness!

Plan your nap.

Will it be on your first break or perhaps after grabbing a quick healthy lunch? Avoid the traffic rush by napping in your car until it is almost over. Or take 10 minutes after you get home to lay on the couch to rest.

Post it.

Let your plan be known. Write a post about it. Share it with your friends. Be sure to set an alarm that will gradually get louder or has a snooze feature to wake you. Make sure you are in a safe place.

Feel better.

Taking a nap can relieve headaches, effects of insomnia, metal strain and anxiety - These are symptoms that governed by the Heart in natural medicine. The Heart can slow down and relax during sleep. When your muscles relax, it allows better circulation to your limbs, reducing pain.

#TakeaNapTuesday- An American Siesta

Learn more ways to balance the Heart energy in the next blog.

Dr. V Spencer, PhD is a blogger and healer encouraging A Natural Solution and a holistic lifestyle.

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