3 Tips to Reduce Family & Holiday Stress

November 19, 2018 Dr. V. Spencer

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3 Tips to Reduce Family & Holiday Stress

Imagine what your holiday would look like if everyone in your family could get along. Is your family stress more than you can handle? Can you envision making it through dinner or a family gathering without taking a single drop of medicine? How do you deal with the stress of your family getting together for the Holidays?

Some people literally feel a headache, pain or a sickness coming from the thought of a family member visiting. We call this a trigger. Some get angry, anxious or can’t sleep. They have gotten so worked up over what your loved one might say or do. They dread going to Thanksgiving dinner.

If you are thinking you would rather spend the holidays alone or skip the family reunion, read on. Since you want to create a more fun, fulfilling family life, try these tips. If you are a person who gets along better with complete strangers, then this e-book is for you.

There are natural way to calm the emotions, relax and release. On a recent radio interview with Ronda Cobb-Money Coach, I was asked to give the best tips to reduce holiday stress. Here is a list of self-help health tips that you and your family can use to have a more peaceful, relaxing time. Click below to Listen.

How to Reduce Family & Holiday Stress

Tips for Schedule & Planning

  1. Text or talk about who’s coming with you or NOT coming

Send a message to your family members giving them an update on your relationship status. If John is not going to be there to pass the collard greens, let them know. The word will spread fast but it will allow a more peaceful time. Let everyone know that you are good with what is happening and you can talk about it more at a better time. Focus on the positive.

  1. Text or talk about your schedule ahead of time

Let your Mom or Dad know what your plans are. Stay in Communication. Give location, updates, time of arrival and don’t disappear. That tends to worry people which leads to more frustration. Eliminating anxiety in the minds of the hosts will have your arrival much sweeter. Get ready for that BIG Hug.

     3. Begin to Meditate

With deep breathing you can achieve relaxation in minutes. Use an easy to follow guided meditation with breathing techniques. Meditation can help rejuvenate with a 5-minute work break right at your desk. Listen while in bed for a deeper night’s sleep

Follow this link to order your download of Oceanside Meditation – Cancun, Mexico. It will help you reduce stress, release emotion, improve health & enhance relationships.

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When you practice staying out of the mess of family you can find it much easier to find peace and joy in your life. You can eliminate the same old argument with these techniques. This can lead to a life of forgiveness, focus, and fun.  A well balanced life includes work, home, relationships and family. Learn to Meditate, Be Calm and Be Happy!

Dr. V. Spencer, PhD is a celebrity consultant, athlete healer & wellness blogger encouraging A Natural Solution to a holistic lifestyle.

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