What is your Holiday Eating doing to You?

December 15, 2016 Dr. V. Spencer

Client Fred is having his blood pressure taken as a screeningWhat is your Holiday Eating doing to you? like everyone in his class. To his surprise, it was very high. As is the protocol, it was repeated. The results showed– still high. Fred says, ‘It is never that high!”

I asked, “What did you eat yesterday?” It was a big traditional day for family holiday feasts.

“Oh, it could be the collard greens and the dressing.”

“Yes, and the ham.”

“Oh, yeah,” he exclaimed, surprised that I knew. He laughed which made the entire class giggle.

Although high blood pressure is no laughing matter, you forget the rich foods eaten at holiday meals will affect your health. That is why they call it the silent killer. You can have no idea when it is high and doing unseen damage to your body. The food tastes so good, but it not all good for you.

What can you do about it? When you are feasting for an occasion try these very simple tips.

  1. Think of how you can eat less of the things that raise your blood pressure.
  2. Eat more of the foods that do not raise your blood pressure.
  3. Take smaller portions of food. Spread items out on the plate as opposed to piling them up.
  4. Pace yourself. Eat slowly, savor the food and you will be more satisfied.
  5. Cleanse your colon. Before or afterward do a cleanse. Drink a green smoothie every day to balance out your diet. What is your Holiday Eating doing to you?

Fred immediately started drinking fresh water and thinking of ways that he can immediately change his diet. He wants strong kidneys and healthy veins. You too can follow Fred’s lead. You will be healthier and happier for years to come.

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Learn more tips – next blog.

Dr. V Spencer, PhD is a celebrity healer and blogger encouraging A Natural Solution to a holistic lifestyle.



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