Like a Prince.....Let your music live!

April 22, 2016 Dr. V. Spencer

Let your music live!

It has been said, "Don't let your music die in you!" The Artist will always be known as Prince. We will Love ya always! Until the end of time.

In honor of his vegan, healthy, non-alcoholic lifestyle, we honor him by giving you a free listen to the music inside of us. Everyone has a special talent and love to leave to this world. Ours is a meditation of peace and relaxation set to beautiful ocean waves.

We want to see a world that is filled with joy, peace, love and a knowing that you can enjoy everyday life. It is a guided meditation to reduce stress, release meditation, improve health and enhance your emotions.

Listen to the music of the ocean now.

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 Dr. V Spencer, PhD is a celebrity healer, speaker and blogger encouraging A Natural Solution to a holistic lifestyle with natural medicine.

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