Healing Spa Day

Healing Spa Day

Available in 1, 3, 5 or 10 Healing Spa Days

You can experience a Healing Spa Day Retreat  program to nourish yourself with a week of relaxation and stress free days all while receiving the personal attention to your mind, body and spirit. It is all the holistic and natural medicine that you deserve. You will be immersed into a totally natural holistic lifestyle and empowered to optimize your health.

This Healing Spa Day Retreat will transform your health through wellness coaching with special services of Balancing via acupressure points, Homeopathic Medicine, Emotional Release and Personal Growth offered right at A Natural Solutions Wellness Center (Self-Help Healthcare Club).

Described below, in detail, is the Healing Spa Day program. Visits will be scheduled on consecutive days for 2 hours per day with a healer. There will be the process to reverse the imbalances in your body and keep you at optimal health.  It will be tailored to your individual needs. 

For Example:

The healing based on your personal goals is:

  • Focus on reversal of a health imbalance
  • Reducing negative effects of stress
  • Relieving muscle aches and stiffness
  • Balancing the Kidneys, Liver or other Organ systems

 The benefits you will receive are: 

  1. Natural medicine coaching to reverse or heal any of your health challenges.
  2. Greater knowledge of how the body can heal itself.
  3. Staying healthy while eating delicious foods.
  4. Steps toward reducing dependence on outside help.
  5. Improved sense of well-being.
This time of rejuvenation for yourself will impact your life by providing stress relief, elimination of health challenges, improved sleep, peak performance, physical strength, mental acuity, enhanced energy and a more youthful appearance.   Our commitment is to bring the body into balance naturally and reverse dis-ease while giving support and coaching to assist you in reaching your health and wellness goals.
This will be a process to reverse imbalances and improve your health. This is a healing journey.

Schedule of Activities

Below is a list of scheduled activities from the wealth of knowledge and 20+ years in business that will provide you with a complete relaxing wellness experience that you desire.  Within each day, your personal healing will be customized to you based on your individual needs and assessments.  Our commitment is to bring the body into balance naturally and reverse dis-ease while giving support and coaching to jump-start you in reaching your health goals.

1st – Self-Help Classes

There will be a short teaching on the subject from a holistic perspective focusing on easy ways to recognize what will keep your Qi balanced. Then discussion will be opened for a question answer period. Finally you will receive tips on how to best implement this into your life. 

Topics include- environment, eating, energy clearing, meditation, cooking, herbs, remedies, detoxification, or relationships. One will be chosen daily.

2nd - Daily Balancing

You will receive the healing touch that takes away all pains and sets your mind and body to release and be revitalized. The balancing will open up your energy channels and allow your body to archive its optimal state of wellness.

Modalities include - Magnets, Light and sound subliminal machine, Cupping, Full spine Moxibustion, Laser, Sonopathy, Tapping, Meditation, Stretching/Tuina or Ionic Detox Foot session.

3rd – Healthy Decadent Eats

Prepared daily are samples of exquisitely prepared delights. All food, fresh from the farmers market, is seasoned with spices from all over the world. The teas and fresh drinks will be hand-picked to complement with sweet aromas. Dishes are made from the healthiest ingredients, mostly vegan and have flavors that excite the taste buds.

All spa and classes and healthy eats, for a total days you choose.

Includes Daily Lecture and Food Demo

Your individual cost is $300/day for Self-Help Atlanta Club 

All club members must pre-qualify.

*Also Available for Lectures, Workshops, Seminars & Retreat plus travel & accommodations* *May Include Spa-Day Lecture & Food Demo*

Payment Arrangements:
* Half Deposit due upon Contract Signing to Hold Date
Remaining Half Balance due upon Arrival


As a bonus, you will receive a baseline assessment on the first day. Iridology, pulse reading and tongue imbalance analysis.

Preparing your Health History

To get started, write out a history of your health. The format is to put in column one the age of the occurrence and in the column two the symptom and any description. For example: Age 10 - Constipation. This is reviewed and translated into the organs that govern the imbalance to determine which organs are imbalanced before you arrive. (Value $250)

Age Symptom
10 Constipation, Teeth removed
35 Car Accident, Depression, Headaches


Next list any medicine, vitamins and herbs that you currently take and the reason that you take them. See example below.

Product taken Reason for taking
Tea Sleep
Aspirin Aches and Pains


Available in 1, 3, 5 or 10 Healing Spa Days

1 Day Healing Spa @ ANS                              $300                                      3 Hrs per Day includes class and meal

3 Day Healing Spa @ ANS                              $900                                      3 Hrs per Day includes class and meals

5 Day Healing Spa @ ANS                             $1400                                    3 Hrs per Day includes class and meals

10 Day Healing Spa @ANS                            $2700                                    3 Hrs per Day includes class and meals


Add-Ons - Continue you Healing:
  • Healthy Decadent Meals: Daily samples of exquisitely prepared delights 5 for $400
  • VIP Club: You can be enrolled in our special club member program (Value $175) on the final month for only $49 plus the cost of your remedies. This is for your continued support and access to exclusive coaching from Dr. V.
  • Club Member Program: 1-2/week (value $760) $300 - $500/mo.
  • Video Coaching Calls: Weekly Calls (value $1000/mo.) $297/mo.
  • Self-Help Exercises, Qi-Gong and Techniques (value $1,500) $797
  • The classes in the future will be also for groups and as courses online.
  • Retreat programs are available for groups

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. We look forward to discussing our services, methodology and techniques with you. Dr. Spencer draws from a great wealth of knowledge in natural medicine plus 20+ years of experience in business.

 We look forward to working with you.

 To Health!

 The Master Relaxer

"You leave in a whole different State of mind!"  - Jackie Love

$ 300.00