Organ Relationships©

Which of your Organs are out of Balance? What body part needs some work? Are your Emotions affecting your health?

The ability to heal completely and recover from stress and sadness could be caused by a different set of circumstances. The root cause of an imbalance must be reversed or removed before your body will heal itself.

Discover the difference in Organ functions from a Natural Medicine point of view with this self-help list below.

The function of your internal body organs vary greatly between the viewpoints of Natural Medicine & Western Medicine. Ancient African/Asian systems relate symptoms to organs that govern them. The Channels have separate functions & work in coordination to carry out vital functions of the body.  Along with a Consultation, Pulse & Tongue Analysis, the following Organ Relationships & Emotions are used to select natural remedies & healing techniques to return your body to wellness.

Organ Channels on Hand           Organs Channels on Foot               


Controls respiration, skin, body hair, nose, sense of smell, constipation, diarrhea, breasts, & sweat. Sadness, Depression

 LYMPH (Lung)

Governed by Lung.  Expels toxins from the body.  Stimulated by body movement.  First indication of serious imbalance.  


Regulates excretion of waste.  Absence of sadness.


Controls blood circulation, so-called nerves, brain, tongue, mouth, & mental activity. (Heart)   Happy, Joy, Overjoyed.

 ALLERGY (Spleen related)

All types of so-called allergic response - over or under-active immunity. Environment, food, auto-immune, or chemical.

 SANJIAO (Endocrine/Hormone)

Governs the chemical messages that control all organs & tissues (the body’s software system).  Responsible for puberty or maturity. Maintains homeostasis of the body.  Responsible for growths (so-called tumors, nodules, warts, moles).


Controls blood circulation, so-called nerves, brain, tongue, mouth, mental/emotional state, pain, sugar cravings, mental activity & ability to or lack of sleep.   Happy, Joy, Overjoyed


Extracts essence & nutrients from food & drink, transports waste to the large intestine.  Joyless.


Master of Immunity, primary digestive organ. Governs stress, quality of blood, fat, weight gain or loss, appetite, lips, fitness of tendon & muscle, water metabolism, water retention, gas, mucus, phlegm.  Controls the arms & legs. 

Abundance of all emotions or emotional


Governs secretion & transport of bile; storage, regulation and control of the volume of blood; fitness of muscle & tendon; eyes, cramps, stiffness, constipation/diarrhea, piles, muscle spasms, blood vessels.  Angry, frustrated, mad, or irritated.


Digestion, Ingestion, transport of food & water.  Nausea or vomiting. Seat of emotions.

 SKIN (Governed by Lungs)

First protection against exterior disease, excretion of waste via sweat, temperature control. The largest organ in the body.


Controls mental activity, pain, storage of bile, integrity of muscle, finger & toe nails.  Anger or absence of anger.


Governs blood pressure, reproductive systems, menstrual cycle, sex drive, gray hair, bones, teeth, joints, ears, head hair, knees, memory, balance, hearing, sore throat, low backache, genetic/urinary organs.  Fear & worry.


Storage of urine.   Water balance & circulation.

Through Natural Medicine you can also trace an internal energetic imbalance by the health of your fingernails & toenails.  Discoloration, thickening, or breakage of a nail can indicate an imbalance in the corresponding organs.

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